Borrowing from Other Libraries

If the library does not own the material a patron wants, the patron may request an interlibrary loan. The library will attempt to borrow the material from another library using the State Library's collection search.

The patron is responsible for the return postage, returning the book to this library on time and in the condition the material was loaned. The patron is responsible for loss, theft, or destruction of interlibrary loaned items and must make restitution to the lending library. The library shall not request inter-library loans for patrons with fines, lost or overdue items, or a history of returning materials late.

Library Cards and Check out

Persons wishing to use computers or Internet on a one-time basis are not required to have a card.

There is no fee for checking out material or use of computers.  Anyone wishing to check out materials or use computers must have a valid information card on file and be entered in the computer. Adults must present a photo ID and proof of residency. Those under the age of 16 must have a parent/guardian's signature.

Information cards are filled out in the library. The card may not be taken home for signature. In signing the information card, the patron agrees to abide by all library regulations. In the event he/she does not, he/she may lose his/her checkout privileges.

He/she may not be denied access to use of materials in the library unless his/her behavior becomes disruptive.

In order to borrow library materials or use computers, a patron must present a valid library card. The patron to whom the card is issued is responsible for all items borrowed on that card, fines incurred, or payment for damaged or lost materials. Upon notification a card is lost or stolen, that patron’s account shall be frozen to prevent unauthorized use. The replacement fee for lost cards or cards damaged beyond use is $3.00.

All materials circulate with the exception of reserve items. All material circulates for two (2) weeks with the exception of adult paperback books which checkout for thirty (30) days. Items may be re-checked in person by bringing the materials to the library or once by phone or once through the online catalog. The library does not limit the number of items a person may check out as long as the patron can return them in a timely fashion. The library reserves the right to limit the number of items checked out if warranted. In the event an item is lost or damaged, the person who has it checked out is responsible for replacing it.


Patrons with a working e-mail address shall receive a notice three days in advance of when books are due stating the titles and date due if the patron so desires. When books are seven days overdue the patron is called by the library. In the event the person cannot be reached by phone an attempt is made to reach him/her by mail.  Courtesy calls will be made again when items are fourteen days overdue. At the end of thirty days if items are not returned, a letter with a public notice is mailed requesting return in seven days. When the letter is mailed the patron’s account is debited $10.00 in addition to regular fines.


Fines are set by the Board of Trustees and are posted at the circulation desk. The computer automatically figures fines. When the patron pays a fine, his account is credited. Fines may be forgiven at the discretion of the librarian in the event of illness or other hardship. Fines are not collected for any day the library is closed.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Items

The replacement cost of materials shall be the actual cost of the item if it is available from library records or from Books in Print.  If the title is out-of-print, the original cost and the book's historical value shall be taken into consideration. If the library declares an item lost or damaged, the patron is responsible for restitution before resuming checkout privileges. Books six (6) weeks overdue are considered lost and the patron shall be billed for the cost of the book plus a service fee of 20%.